"The reason why there are no pictures or information about myself online is because I would like my Art to speak for itself. I don’t want my figure or my identity to influence the way people look and perceive my Art, whether it is positive or not"

3DFraction is an European autodidact artist, who's professional career evolves around the IT sector as an engineer.

3DFraction has extensive professional background and experience in technology as well as in traditional art.

3DFraction's identity is currently unrevealed. The Artist would prefer to remain anonymous.

3DFraction's gender, status and cultural beliefs are irrelevant to the essence of their art. Therefore their status online will remain fluid.

3DFraction believes their binary/non-binary identity does not influence nor relate to the process of making Art itself.

"The people who approached me online without knowing me, they have called me brother, sister, mate, friend. There is nothing wrong with this idea. I love the fact that they can decide how to call me independently from my gender and cultural beliefs. Instead of giving myself a label, I let them decide whichever way they would like to approach me. We are all brothers, all sisters in the art community. We all have the same background: the eye and the heart for Arts."

Currently living in Germany, 3DFraction works as a full time engineer, making 3D artworks NFTs and painting traditional media (oil paintings) in their studio in Berlin.

Their traditional media work is also available for sale. Contact for inquiries.